Retirement Planning Case Studies

(Note: These case studies are hypothetical, do not involve an IG Private Wealth client, and should not be construed as a guarantee.)

Work Optional

Mark and Jennifer don’t have a set retirement date.  Not because they can’t retire, but because they’re not sure when (or if) they want to stop working.  Mark is a tenured professor at the U of S and Jennifer is a respected physician. They both enjoy their careers — their work adds value...

Case Study #1


Dan and Laura recently retired from rewarding careers and have lots of plans for the future. They want to ensure that their retirement plan not only enables the lifestyle they have envisioned in retirement but that they have a plan to make sure they never run out of money. Reducing taxes, improving... 

Case Study #2

Nearing Retirement

After accumulating wealth throughout the years at Sasktel, Carol began thinking about retirement.  She currently holds a variety of investment accounts, PEPP pension, RRSP and TFSA account. She has three adult children (one still in college) and two grandkids. Carol lives modestly...

Case Study #3

Selling the Business

After 30 years of running a successful second generation autobody shop in Regina, Paul & Samantha have decided it is time to hand over the reins to their son, Jake.  They want to receive fair market value for their business and at the same time want to be sure Jake won't be burdened with monthly debt...

Case Study #4


The thought of starting over had never crossed Judy's mind.  So when this major life transition was pushed into the spot light, Judy's first reaction was to reach out to her trusted family and friends for emotional support  Once the initial shock had settled, Judy began to put the pieces..

Case Study #5