Investment Management

Investment Management

Our investment solutions are carefully designed to help investors reduce risk, improve returns, and create a reliable income stream.

We achieve these results by following three principals:

1) Keep costs low

It is important to our team that we consistently provide value that outweighs what you pay.


We achieve this through sound financial planning advice and competitive investment solutions typically not available to individual investors. 


Learn more about our iProfile and Discretionary Investment Solutions.

2) Tax Efficient Investments

Structuring your investment portfolio for tax efficiency is often overlooked.  We will analyze your portfolio to ensure it is built in a way to minimize turnover while maximizing tax deferral and tax savings. 


This includes strategies like tax-loss harvesting, utilizing corporate class investments in your non-registered accounts and analyzing your equity/fixed income registered holdings for inefficiencies. (RRSP, TFSA, LIRA etc.)

3) Proper Asset Allocation

Proper asset allocation should compare your willingness to take risk to how your funds are invested.  Specifically, what is your mix of equity, fixed income and cash and what are your underlying asset allocations. (Geographic, sector, real-estate etc.)

In plain English, don't put all of your nest egg in one basket.

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