Your Retirement Plan

A 3-step process to help you evaluate our services and make an informed decision about working together.

Tax Mitigation Plan

Withdrawal Strategy

Investment Optimization

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We are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals who do our best work with:

Retirement investors who are retired or want to make "work optional" in the next 10 years.

Diligent savers who have accumulated investment & retirement assets of $300,000 or more. (Excluding real estate)

People who value hiring an professional because they know their retirement is too important to manage it alone.

Your Retirement Plan

A 3-step process showing how you can improve retirement success + lower your tax bill.

In addition to a friendly conversation, we will use this meeting to ensure your situation matches our expertise.

We will also clearly explain our service model + answer ALL of your questions.

Step #1  -  Schedule 30-Min Call

Step #2  -  Discovery Meeting (90-min)

One week prior, we will collect key information and documents needed for our analysis.

During the meeting, we will verify all data collected is accurate, ask important questions, and get crystal clear on your retirement needs and concerns.

Step #3  -  Plan Delivery Meeting (90-min)

In this 90-min meeting, we will present your custom IG Living Plan®.

The plan includes our findings + actionable steps for lowering your tax bill, optimizing investments, and maximizing retirement income.

(Note: Sometimes one more meeting is necessary. You might have more questions or want to see another scenario presented. If so, we will happily accommodate!😊)

FINAL STEP: Consider R.H Kilburn & Associates

With your plan complete, you'll have all you need to make an informed decision about hiring us to do the heavy lifting for you!

Our full-service solution ensures we continue to deliver massive value through:

  • Ongoing management of your investments 

  • Bi-annual retirement/tax plan updates

  • Retirement withdrawal coordination

  • Proactive tax planning & strategy implementation

  • Insurance management and oversight

  • Optimization of retirement income sources (CPP, OAS, Defined benefit pensions etc.) 

  • Will & Powers of Attorney discussion and monitoring

There is never a hard-sell or pressure to say "yes."  We are here to support you and your needs so you can achieve your retirement goals.

Step #1: Schedule 30-Minute Call

Still have questions? Keep reading...

Can you work virtually and work with people in other provinces?

YES!  While many of our clients are from Saskatchewan, we work with retirement savers across Western Canada.  

Our firm is equipped to meet with clients and potential clients utilizing Zoom or MS Teams.

How does R.H. Kilburn & Associates make money?

We are compensated by IG Wealth Management through an advisory fee.  Our fees are "unbundled".  Meaning there is a clear distinction between what you pay for advice and what you pay for your investment.

Our transparent fee includes the management of all your investment accounts + ongoing retirement and tax planning, estate planning and more. Our goal is to lower your taxes, reduce risk, and make sure you can retire without worry.
How are you different from other financial advisors?

We take pride in our exceptional service, genuine client care, expert advice, and measurable valuable.

We really are the complete package!

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